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A Look Back at CompareCards’ EdU Scholarship Award in 2015

A Look Back at CompareCards’ EdU Scholarship Award in 2015

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When the EdU Scholarship Award launched in 2015, we knew there would be a demand for the funds to help students defray expensive college costs. We didn’t expect the scholarship to take off as quickly as it did! We were pleased with the response, and were happy to offer 12 students the chance to reduce some of their school expenses over the course of the year. This year’s program is off to a great start with 1 award winner already selected for January, and we just opened up February’s scholarship to new applicants!

Don’t forget, this February is a Leap Year – so you only have 29 days to get your application in this month!

How Can I Enter?

Applying for the EdU Scholarship Award is fast and easy – we know that being in school keeps you busy! The last thing you need is to write a 20-page essay about why you deserve the scholarship.If you are a college student or college-bound student, simply answer the series of questions to come up with the final answer, fill out the form completely, which includes the usual things you would find such as your name, address, and phone number.

Fill out your answer and then hit “submit.” We might ask a few additional questions about your life as a college student but promise not to share any of your personal information in the process. Your answers won’t affect your eligibility for the scholarship.

After the submission deadline, we will gather all the applicants with the correct answers and one winner will be randomly selected through Randomizer.org.

Quick FAQs

1. How will I know if I won? We will notify the selected winner of each month using the email and phone number provided on their application. Winners will have 48 hours to accept their scholarship before they forfeit the funds and we select another winner through random selection. We are not responsible for anyone who forfeits their scholarship award because they did not check their email, they provided the wrong email address, or in the even we end up in the spam folder.

2. What if there’s a tie? If we end up with more than one person with the correct answer, we will randomly select one winner through Randomizer.org. We will use the email and/or phone number provided on the application to reach the winners.

3. How often can I enter to win? Each applicant may only enter once for each trivia question. We will have a new trivia set running each month.

4. How often can I win? Applicants can win no more than twice in one calendar year.

5. Can I enter for a friend? No, but you can show your friend how they can apply.

6. How long is the contest open? Each trivia contest will last one month and then a new trivia contest will start once the previous one ends.

7. Will I be notified if I didn’t win? No, we will only contact those that don’t win, so be sure to check your emails and your spam box when the deadline approaches for that month. You can also check the winner page to see if the scholarship has been claimed.

8. Can anyone enter? No. You must be currently enrolled in a 2-year or 4-year college or university, or, you must be planning to attend a college or university within one calendar year. You must be a U.S. citizen residing within the United States and the college or University must be located in the United States.

9. How will you know if I’m in school or attending school? Selected winners must be able to provide proof of enrollment within one calendar year. Funds will be withheld until proof of enrollment can be provided. If after one year you still cannot provide proof of enrollment, you will forfeit the scholarship.

10. If I’m not in college yet, can I still apply? Yes, all U.S. college bound students can apply.

Spread the Word!

If you are a parent, a high school or college representative, or a student, you can help spread the word about our EdU Scholarship Award program with others. You can download and print posters, web banners and flyers by visiting our scholarship award media center and post them in high schools, in colleges/university common areas such as financial aid offices, student centers, dorm and common areas, or you could even encourage school website developers to post them online.

Don’t forget to check out our student credit cards that reward students for good grades.

Also be sure to check out our infographic, 20 College Scholarships with Easy Applications, that showcases information on scholarships with easy entry and tips for finding scholarships. FinanceU, our education initiative, includes a set of resources and information that will assist students and their families who are planning to finance a college education. FinanceU will assist with planning ahead, evaluating the cost of a college education, and resources that will help with financial decision making.

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