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Discover it® chrome vs Discover it® chrome for Students

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Purchase Intro Rate 0% for 14 Months* 0%* for 6 Months
Balance Transfer Intro Rate 0% for 14 Months* 10.99% for 6 Months
Foreign Exchange Fee None None
Annual Fee $0 $0
Best For Cardholders looking to pay no interest for an entire year and earn cash back on every purchase. Students looking for 6 months no interest, no fees and bonus cash back on everyday purchases.
Card Details Discover it® chrome Credit Card Details Discover it® chrome for Students Credit Card Details

Comparison Summary

CompareCards: Discover It Chrome Double Cash Back Vs Chrome For Students Showdown

The Discover It Chrome Vs the Discover it Chrome For Students credit cards are very similar, yet are best for two different types of people. The Discover It Double Chrome Cash Back card first better for people that are looking to get approved with fair credit, enjoy eating at restaurants and fill up gas constantly to commute to work. The Discover It Chrome for Students Credit Card is great for smart and responsible students looking to take advantage of a great credit card for them and getting rewarded for the hours spent studying. These two cards have very similar structures like few fees (no annual, no foreign transaction, no overspend fee, no first time late payment fee) so it’s very low risk and meant for people with fair and average or even poor credit. 

CompareCards Verdict: If you’re someone interested in increasing your credit score, having free access to FICO, and want to and enjoy cash back rewards cards these two cards are worth a look.

Matchup: Chrome vs Chrome for Students

Double Cash Back Vs Good Grades Rewards

  • Understandably the good grades reward only applies to students but for perspective the students reward gets stretched into 5 separate years, so there is high incentive to use the card for those 5 years. The Double Cash Back Card is applied to only the first year. So your cash back bonus much reach over $120 in order to match the bonus rewards, and you have a limit of $1,000 per quarter.Winner: Discover It Chrome for Students Card

11.74% - 23.74% APR vs 13.74% - 22.74% APR

  • Interesting matchup here. The Chrome Double Cash Back Card gets a lower initial APR but is higher after 10 months and the Chrome For Students Card has a higher initial APR but is lower after 6 months. It’ll depend on how much you plan on using the card, and if you plan on paying it all off every month of aggregating debt. In the end the 4 extra months of lower APR wins out.Winner: Discover It Chrome Cash Back Card.

Which Discover It Chrome Card is Better?

While these cards are extremely similar and that Discover It Chrome Double Cash Back Card the first year is a great reward, there are other cash-backs cards - that have a little bit of better of rewards and sign-up bonuses. There is a lack of student specific credit cards so any offer with student incentives is already a great reward.

The Discover It Chrome for Students - Good Grade Rewards is a better card for prospective students, current students and parents of students and its bonus has a lot of longevity to it, while the Chrome Double Cash Back only lasts the first year.

Taking demographics and student vs non-student out of the equation - The Discover It Chrome For Students is the winner of this matchup.

Expert Review

CompareCards: Discover It Chrome Card - New! Double Cash Your First Year Quick Review

The Discover It Chrome Card is one of our more reliable cards. I say that because it doesn't require a good credit score in order to have it, it's great as a starter card, and great for building up credit. 

The biggest feature this card has is its new Double Cash Back you first year. If you earn $100 in Discover It cash back rewards for the first year you have this card, it’ll automatically get doubled to $200!

This card makes things very simple, it’s a great cash back credit card that fits in everyone’s wallet, no matter what your demographic or your credit score. 

Whether you’re a college student, parent or grandparent - this card will help you save money, especially for the duration of the first year. You get 2% cash back up to $1,000 spent at restaurants and gas stations every quarter and 1% cash back on everything else.

There is no annual fee. No over limit fee. No foreign transaction fee. No late fee on first late payment and paying late won’t raise your APR. Feel free to reap the benefits and double your rewards today!

Pros of the Discover It Chrome Card

  • Great for people who dine out at restaurants or commute using a motor vehicle and need to fill up on gas.
  • Great for people who enjoy get cash back rewards, and what to take advantage of getting double cash their first year.
  • Great for people who purchase overseas, or internationally.

Cons of the Discover It Chrome Card

  • While Discover is a good option for Asia, some European destinations don’t accept it.
  • There is no initial sign-up bonus, rather they leave the bonus for the end of the first year.
  • After the first year, there are other cards that offer a little bit better of options, without the double cash back this card loses a little value.

What’s the Best Way to Use the Discover It Chrome Card?

This card is meant for people just starting to build up their credit. The best way to use the Discover It Chrome Double Cash Back Card your first year is to… use it for the first year. Pretty advanced stuff right? 

Unless this card is going to be your ‘go-to’ card don’t bother using this card for any other purchases than dining at restaurants or filling up on gas. After the first year this card loses it’s major benefit and there are other cards that can make up for it like the Citi Double Cash Card.

Is the Discover It Chrome Card for You?

if you’re just starting to build credit, this card is easily approved for people with fair credit. It’s great for younger people just entering the work force and are ready to build credit for the feature, as well as take advantage of doubling their rewards in the first year. Though, after that there are better credit cards out there.

CompareCards: Discover It Chrome for Students Card - New! Good Grades Rewards Quick Review

The Discover It Chrome for Students Card is one of the best cards for college students and young adults. Not only do they not have to worry about an annual fee, or an overspend fee. But it rewards students for having good grades!

Not a lot of credit cards offer a free $20 for having a GPA of 3.0 or higher for up to 5 years. That’s up to $120 in cash rewards, and incentive for students to continue working hard in school.

This card is perfect for starting to build your credit while you’re still in school. It does have 1% rewards rate for anything you purchase, but a great way to utilize it is to purchase your text books, put it on the Discover It Chrome Students Credit Card and pay it off as soon as you can. This both improves your credit score and give you a head start for your future self. 

If you’re a student or a parent of a student, consider applying for this card to take advantage of the good grades rewards that comes with it!

Pros of the Discover It Chrome for Students Card

  • Great for people with fair/average credit.
  • Great for high school students, college students or parents of students that are looking to get started with building their credit and have incentive to maintain a high GPA in school.
  • Great for people interested in their FICO Credit Score, which you can check for free on monthly statements and online.

Cons of the Discover It Chrome for Students Card

  • Not for people with poor spending habits, it’s better to use for one larger purchase and paying it off as fast as possible, purchasing textbooks is a good example.
  • Not for people with excellent credit. There are better cards out there for people with established credit.
  • Not for people looking for a higher spend limit.

What’s the Best Way to Use the Discover It Chrome for Students Card?

This card is meant for students, and parents of young adults in school that want to get a head start in building credit as well as looking for a student rewards credit card.

The best way to use the Discover It Chrome for Students card is to purchase your college textbooks, and school supplies in one month, pay it off as quickly as possible, then use it sparingly throughout the rest of the semester. This way you can increase your credit, and not worry about incurring further debt.

This card is a great for rewarding students that work hard, getting a free $20 for a 3.0 GPA or higher is enough incentive to apply today, before the semester ends.

Is the Discover It Chrome Card for Students for You?

If you’ve got school on autopilot and are looking ahead to the future, this card can help you get started with building credit. Using it just for school purchases is a great way to build credit, and you can keep track of your credit with the FICO credit scores that you will receive monthly or online for free. Apply for the Discover It Chrome Card for Students today.

*General Disclaimer: See the online credit card application for details about terms and conditions. We make every effort to maintain accurate information. However, all credit card information is presented without warranty. To confirm terms and conditions, click the "Apply Now" button and review info on the secure credit card terms page.

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