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Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Review

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For all of those who strive to be a Victoria Secret Angel, even if it is just in your own bedroom, the Victoria’s Secret credit card may provide the financial tool you need to make that dream happen. This credit card does provide some key advantages for those who shop at this premium, ladies retailer. If you would not ever think of buying under garments at discount department stores, and you pay your bill on time, this credit card is a good investment.

Angel and Angel VIP Programs

The company offers two credit offers, the Angel and the Angel VIP card. Here is the breakdown of the benefits of each.

  • The Angel card offers $10 in rewards for every 250 points you earn while using your card. You also get six months of special offers equaling at least $100. You get a birthday special offer, too. You get early access to all of the semi-annual sales they run and new products.
  • For the Angel VIP card, things get a bit more lucrative. To get it, earn 250 points with your Angel card. You will then qualify for all of the previous benefits plus more, including earning double points on all bra purchases free samples and makeovers.

How to Get Points with a VS Angel Card

 For every $1 that you spend at Victoria's Secret, you earn 1 point. This can be on any purchase – lingerie, sleepwear, fragrances, and the like. Once you earn 250 points (spend $250 on the card), you will move up to VIP status. Then you will get double points for all bra purchases (2 points per $1 spent on bras), along with special discount opportunities. The more you buy, the more you save.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Downsides

Before you invest in the Victoria’s Secret credit card, take a closer look at its details. Just like the frills and lace, there is something more detailed to see here and the primary pricing details on the Victoria’s Secret Angel card are as follows:

  • The APR for purchases is 24.99% for even the best customers.
  • You have a 25-day grace period to pay off your card prior to being charged interest charges.
  • There is no annual fee, but you will pay late fees or returned payment fees.
  • If you do not use your account for 12 months, you lose all of your accumulated points.  When compared to other rewards credit cards … that’s a total bummer.

The key to using this card is to do so only if you plan to pay off your credit card balance in full within the grace period. That is the best way to keep it affordable. If you do not use it often, or the pushy salesperson at the front desk made you think you lost out by not applying, realize that other cards offer some exciting benefits, too.  But if you adore everything pink, and could not go without this retailer, owning the Victoria’s Secret Angel or Angel VIP card may be an OK move.  Just remember to always pay your balance in full, and don’t go too crazy with the lingerie.

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