Sam's Club Advantage Credit Card Review

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During these difficult financial times pinching every penny and squeezing every nickel is vital for many Americans. For most, going to wholesale warehouses and buying their products in bulk is one way of getting everything out of their dollar. Sam's Club, the wholesaler connected to Walmart, is the nation's second highest grossing wholesale retailer and maybe the most well known.

Even I just signed up for a Sam's Club membership last week and I was offered an application for the Sam's Club Credit Card. Good thing I passed ...

There is no annual fee to use the Sam's Club Advantage Credit Card, however you must have paid your annual fee to Sam's Club for a membership. So, while there is no fee to use the card, there is a fee to use the store. The cost for a basic membership will run you $40 per year, which is actually 20% less expensive than Costco.

As a basic Sam's Club Advantage Credit Card cardholder, there isn't many perks or benefits. No rewards programs or discounts. The store will often offer no interest rate promotions on select purchases, but these promotions can be tricky. Typically, they will offer something like "no interest for six months on purchases over $300" or something similar. It sounds great, right? Maybe, if you pay off your entire balance within the time frame allotted. Otherwise, you'll be paying interest on a big balance for the ENTIRE PURCHASE PRICE. So, buyer beware on these promotions.

The Sam's Club Advantage Credit Card does offer the typical 0% liability and online account management, but those offers are standard in the industry for even the most basic of cards. Sadly, this review is just about wrapped up as there's nothing more to discuss. Not a single bonus or reward to speak of so even though you can save money by shopping at Sam's Club, you won't be able to save money by spending at Sam's Club.

Unfortunately, despite Sam's Club being a major U.S. wholesaler, they come up short with a credit card offer that offers, well, anything! This card has no perks or benefits to it at all. The lack of any redeeming qualities obviously makes the Sam's Club Advantage Credit Card a strong recommendation to avoid. Search for a much better rewards credit card that suits your spending habits.

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