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Here at, we often run promotions and give-aways as a way to thank our fans for their loyalty and following. Many of you have even shared your experiences with us via TrustPilot, which is always great to hear. If you’re a business owner who partakes in contests like we do, you have probably come to the point where you need to decide how to send your incentive out. We’ve experimented with a few options and have found that when it comes to sending gift cards, GiftRocket takes the cake!

Here’s our review of GiftRocket.

What Makes GiftRocket so Great?

If you have a wide variety of clientele, they won’t likely be in agreement with how they prefer to receive their gift card. Those that are older tend to stick to the old-fashioned, snail-mail method, while the younger customers would likely prefer a direct deposit. GiftRocket solves that problem by allowing your customers to receive their gift in four ways:

1. Bank Account- The amount you send will be credited to their bank statement in about 3-4 days 2. Credit Card- The amount you send will be placed on a credit card and completed in about 3-4 days. 3. Personal Check- The option takes the longest amount of time. Your check will arrive via snail-mail in the normal time letters arrive, about 3-5 business days. 4. PayPal- This option is the fastest, providing you with funds in just one day. Who doesn’t use PayPal anyway?


Here’s How it Works

First, you go their website where you will easily see directions on how to begin with a big brown box in the middle, “Send a GiftRocket.” Once you click through, you will see your order form, which contains three easy sections that you fill out; receivers name, gift amount, message, delivery method, the sender’s name, and email address. There’s even an option where you may suggest where the receiver should spend the GiftRocket. Once you send the gift, you will receive an email confirmation telling you the gift was sent and you can track it to make sure the gift was properly received. The person who accepts the gift will receive it by email and then have the chance to write back a personalized message for you. Then the receiver may select how they would like to receive the gift. All information they provide for receiving the gift is safe and secure. There’s another option, too, where you may choose to print out the GiftRocket to mail to your friend. Just select “printable delivery option,” print the PDF, fold into a card shape, and send. Once the card is received, they simply put the URL into their browser to redeem.

The Bottom Line

If you are a company or an individual looking to send a gift, GiftRocket is the best option for you. You no longer have to worry about gifts getting lost in the mail or stolen, and the receiver can choose how they would like to get the gift. There is a small service fee for the transaction, but it’s not very high at $2 per gift plus 5% of the amount. If you’re a big company, you can send in bulk amounts. GiftRocket does not currently send outside the United States.

Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer.

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