Firestone Store Credit Card Review

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I recently needed to purchase new tires for my car.? When shopping around, it became mind numbing, as the price for a new set of automobile tires start at incredibly high prices and can reach the thousands depending on what you need.? That's a lot!? In my journey, Firestone had an offer for a credit card every driver should research before going out and getting new tires.? Here's a quick rundown of the Firestone Credit Card and why it presents opportunity.

The Firestone Credit Card is for those of you out there that have trouble making that big payment for your car tires when service is needed.? That is why currently, they are offering no interest for six months on any purchase you make at Firestone (for service) or for Firestone tires of $249 or more.? This sounds like a very helpful resource when it is time for new tires, but for those that want to get in on this deal, be very wary of the fine print.

If you are the type of cardholder that pays on time and is very studious with their payments, you could find some real value in this card.? It's designed for those who don't have good enough credit for great cash back credit cards.? But for the millions of Americans that struggle with credit card debt, the Firestone Credit Card could be a big trap because the interest is deferred.

This isn't a problem if you, in fact, pay the entire balance within the six month period.? However if something happens and you are unable to the payment in full by the end of six months, you'll be paying interest on the entire balance for all six months.? It's an all or nothing credit card but unlike other cards, you can only use this at Firestone, so the possibility of overspending doesn't exist.? Unless of course you collect tires.

Firestone Modest Pricing Details

There is no annual fee to use the Firestone Credit Card, but like most store credit cards, there is a very high interest rate charged to the card..? At a 22.8% variable APR, the Firestone Credit Card should be paid off monthly to maximize the benefits of the card and if needed, the six months interest free purchase offer can be utilized. This high interest rate means a lot of extra money could be paid with an already high balance on a card, which will come with buying a high ticket item like automobile tires.

Overall, if you can, without a shadow of a doubt, make the payment in full within six months, the offer here with the Firestone Credit Card is a good one to take advantage of.? You can only use it for Firestone tires, so it will really limit the amount in which you use the card and it comes with a few other perks or frills and specials.

This card simply offers a way for the consumer to make payments over a short period of time for a big purchase.? However, as mentioned, it can be very detrimental to your finances if you slip up and not make your payment in full.? You'll be hit with a big time charge toward the end of your payment and that would be counterproductive to saving.

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